About the Author

Wondering about the guy that writes the Of Wits and Weapons series? Well, here I am. I'm pretty into gaming and anime, and I've always been pretty good at doodling. So, I thought I'd combine what I know from all those things and what I ended up with was a really lame comic. After realizing that wasn't a successful venture, I broke into the world of novels, bringing me to where I am now. Other than all that, I'm not that interesting. I don't do much besides write and play some JRPGs. And the outdoors is a curse I avoid at all costs.

I can be quite demented sometimes, but I'm told I'm pretty cool guy. But meh, whatever, none of that really matters much. It's not as if you have to be able to hang out with me and like me to enjoy a fantasy novel.

If you happen to be curious about where I work, it's pretty unconventional, I think. I work from one of two couches mostly. I near always have the tv on. Usually. Sometimes I'll just play some older country music or some video game soundtracks or a nice mystery audio book. It's nice and relaxed, and very conducive to my thought processes. To answer all those dumbfounded expressions you might be making, yes. Believe it or not, writing while watching a subbed anime is somehow more productive than sitting in silence.

There should be more, right? Well, too bad. I don't have much left to say about myself. Unless you wanted to talk about my offbeat sense of humor, but let's maybe do that another time. That's not really something you should worry about, considering my dry, abnormal humor attempts generally get edited out of my work...

About the Series

Ever had one of those strangely detailed dreams with no basis in reality, no inclusion of yourself, or even a reasonable source to have been drawn from? No? Well that's how I came up with the idea for the Of Wits and Weapons series. Without getting into the mire of my cognitive functions, let's just say I literally dreamt it up out of thin air. Of course it took a great deal of refining after that, but no idea ever arrives perfectly formed.

So what is it about, anyway? Well, Of Wits and Weapons is an extended tale about the Seventeen Generals protecting the fantasy nation Nock. They don't get along, nor do they want to, but they aren't given much choice. The demands of their king as well as pressure from a dangerous outside force drive them to learn teamwork and cooperation. And that's how you get the first novel in a series.

Anyway, while this is intended to be an epic fantasy spread across several volumes, don't come into it with any preconceptions. It's not a masterpiece. It's not a work of genius crafted by some mythic talent. No, this is just the tale of a great many characters, some major, some minor, some all over the map. It may not turn out to be anything, or it could be everything, so just pick one (or two or seven) character to love and a few to hate, then just sit back and watch to see what happens to each one of them. You can hate my literary choices, hate my story arcs, hate every character and his/her/it's opinions and ideals! But above all else, don't take it too seriously, this is just entertainment (for me, mostly). Or do take it too seriously. It couldn't be too awful horrible. But what do I know, I'm just the author, not a deity. So make your own judgments.

This page is boring. Go find a better page to spend time on. Like maybe one of the chapter pages where you can read something interesting.