Here is a complete list of all my published titles:


Of Wits and Weapons: Neither is Sharp

Nock is a peaceful kingdom... At least it would be if the Seventeen Generals protecting it could ever get along. But with their feuding escalating to violence more commonly than not, the idea of peace is all but a pipe dream. So when the king grows weary of the conflict, the leaders of each side of the feud are forced to get along. Will they be able to reconcile and avoid the king's wrath, or will their pride do them in? And what do the mysterious violet-cloaked shadows have to do with it all?


Of Wits and Weapons: Both Require Maintenance

A month has passed in peace since Henrick and the Assimilated Single School have raised their heads to confront the Seventeen Generals of Nock. All good things must come to an end, however, and when the fighting between Schools of Thought resumes, our heroes are confronted once again by the mysterious masked man's threats. With no helpful leads, how will the Prime Generals react? Will they succumb to the despair Henrick inspires or will they rise up and dethrone the villain?