We’ve Got a Date

The novel is coming along nicely. All of the editing and formatting has been finished, so now I just have the final proofread to complete. With everything moving so smoothly and the goal in sight, I've finally decided to put a date on the release of my first novel.

November 2nd

I could probably publish as early as October 27th, but I'm deciding to wait the extra few days. Not only does that give me some wiggle room if an issue arises, it also means I don't have to worry about my release being overshadowed by Halloween. On top of that, people have more money at the first of the month. That means more sales, most likely.

As for availability, it'll be for sale on Amazon, in both paperback and ebook formats. I don't have exact prices yet, but I'm thinking around $12 USD for paperback and $9 USD for ebook. But who knows. I'll have to look at their pricing and profit margin policies again before I can commit to a price.

Anyway, thanks for waiting. I'll see you again soon, on release day!