Not April Fools

Hello, It's sure been a while, hasn't it? I've been quite busy recently, so sorry for all the inactivity. That said, I'm still not here to post a new chapter, though. It seems pretty likely that I won't be posting much of anything in the near future anyway. What with work and personal obligations, I won't be getting much done. Soooo, I'll be putting the comic on a temporary hiatus, probably about a year or so. I'm still working on it here and there, but it's slow going. If I do get a chapter written, I will post it here of course, but try not to expect much. That said, I will be doing something productive. I have plans to eventually try publishing a literal book, since I can work on that on my breaks at work and when I have 20 minutes here or there. So maybe look forward to that if/when it finally drops. And for those of you that may be confused by the post date on this, no, it isn't a joke, it's just a coincidence that this is when I finally got around to posting something. I wish I could do some epic April Fools joke, but I've never been so good at that.